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Commission: Laymerial x Aurelius by Blizz-Mii
Commission: Laymerial x Aurelius
Eep, I'm pretty much dead on deviantART.. ^^; Here's a commission piece from a little while back.

Characters (c) arielyiningloh

Livestream [OFF]

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2011, 5:43 PM
Livestream >>

12/1/2015 - ^^; Long time no LS!

3/15/2015 - Coloring a friend's lineart ^^

2/19/2015 - Last drawing before next birthday... ;v; /feels old

2/15/2015 - Brief doodling~ ^-^

2/14/2015 - Quick morning doodle. Happy Vday~ *v*

2/8/2015 - Drawing from lineart upwards. ^^ ... (and foiled by bad wifi. orz)

1/31/2015 - Quick lineart + cg of kitty Len~! >w<)/

1/27/2015 - From ideation to... I don't know where! In celebration of Snowmaggedon 2015 (which didn't hit nearly as hard as we hoped). 

1/7/2015 - Happy new year! I'm coloring hair and clothes. ^^

12/15/2014 - Merry Christmas! ^^ I'm drawing xmas gifts if you'd like to watch. xD;

8/14/2014 (2) - Another piece. Lineart, then color.

8/14/2014 - Seems like these are just annual livestreams. xD; Commission time.

7/13/13 - Woah.... one year since I've livestreamed? Does anyone remember me? o_O; Let's see if my crappy Japanese internet connection even holds. orz
[edit: er, I think I'll reschedule to morning Japan time. My internet is dying. xD; ]

8/9/12 - Gakupo!! :D haven't been on nico nico douga in a while.

7/20/12 - Doing some lining & cg. Last-min (last?) pic for artbook. (btw there are two copies left for preorder... haha) Streaming until the music stops. ;D

5/8/12 - Ib and Garry!! |D <2 hours.

3/14/12 - Pi day! :P Quick livestream, maybe ~30 min. Working on an art trade. :> pi-kyu, please don't look if you don't want to be spoiled. ><;

1/20/12 - First LS of the year. ^^ I'm CGing vitellan's art trade pic from base colors up-- so HY, don't come if you don't want to be spoiled! ^^;

10/9/11 - SeeU!! Coloring for maybe an hour.. yeah it's really late. >>;

9/4/11 - Continuation of yesterday's piece~ ^^ Will probably be coloring.

9/3/11 - LS for ~30min, before bed~ ^^ just some random couple piece. :>

6/26/11 - LS for 30 min+? Coloring. My small tribute to kind Sweetly25, who passed away last November..

5/18/11 - LS for 1 hour; when alarm beeps I will stop. for sure. xD;

5/16/11 - LS for ~45 min! ^^ Same pic as last time. Maybe I'll color hair?

5/12/11 - LS for 1 hour before sleep, before final exam. ^^; Working on Smile Project picture! :)

4/15/11 (2) - LS for an hour. Another piece for myself, practicing (or trying to go back to?) otome game style. orz

4/15/11 - LS... drawing something for myself (Miles Edgeworth 2 fanart <3), possibly for the first time since.. I don't know anymore. ^^; Will definitely end around 6~6:30pm EST due to dinner with parents.

2/20/11 - LS for a little while~ random doodling? hopefully 1.5 hours. ^^ :heart:

1/30/11 - LSing the coloring part of yesterday's pic. :> just 1 hour, until brunchtime~

1/29/11 - First LS of the year, and inspired by godzilla23's ls-with-webcam to try it out myself. ^//^ Please request something to draw in the first 10 minutes or so! (1.5 hours or until my roommate comes back lol)
Over. Thanks so much for watching! Hope you didn't find me too creepy. |D Here's the WIP~…

9/5/10 - Ohisashiburi!! 1 hour livestream gooo~
5/3/10 - Let's try again...
5/3/10 - Kpop-influenced... hahahaha. Will definitely work on papers tomorrow! xD; (Never mind, stupid computer crashed and I just lost... everything... hahahahah T____T)
4/26/10 - Finally getting back to commissions... almost done, but you can watch the clothes get CGed?
4/19/10 - Too tired to edit my 28-page psych tutorial paper. Just some quick stress relief, nothing too large-scale...
3/13/10 - Commission #2 today. ^^ Cindy-- if you don't want to be spoiled, please don't look. ^^;
2/28/10 - 30 min again. Letting the psych material sit and stew...
2/28/10 - 30 min before dinner GOGOGO I'll read psych text later. >___>;
2/28/10 - Screw this. 30 min before study session. Psych midterm tomorrow. AUGGHHHHH.
1/2/10 - I'm just starting the CGing process for a P*C promo thing. Maybe 1.5 hrs.
12/9/09 (2) - Maybe LS will work this time. Definitely sleeping by 12 too. =u=;
12/9/09 - 1.5 hr max livestream. Taking break from psych paper.
12/8/09 - Hopefully short livestream. >>;
11/16/09 - Really quick livestream, probably 20~30min max. Mecari -- don't look! ><;
11/11/09 - Same pic. Don't look, :devKumagoro-power:! Come watch if you don't mind the kpop and random weird music. ^^;
11/6/09 - Drawing trade/gift-- if you are :devKumagoro-power:, DO NOT LOOK!! >_____<
10/16/09 - Drawing again, same image.
10/16/09 - Drawing for 30min or so.
9/27/09 (2) - Until 6pm. :P Am trying to finish now.
9/27/09 - Livestreaming again until 11:30am EST or so. :]


Come watch if you're bored? ^^ I apologize in advance for my slight lack of concentration and my tendency to BS the entire image.

:: Blizz fan - stamp :: by Pluvias by :iconpluvias: I love my watchers stamp by violetsteelApproachability on dA by MintVerdant

Hey guys! 

Long time no journal. How are you doing? >w<

I'd like to introduce... 
Promo Pic by Blizz-Mii

Misshy, the art commission platform! 

The goal is to empower artists and to enhance the experience of collecting art.

I've been doing the UX side of things (remember those silly surveys? haha) and have been working with an awesome developer. We almost have a functional website. ^^

I'll be reaching out to all of my artist friends fufufu. and there will be a Kickstarter eventually! Can't support dev/server costs on my own. ;v; 

but in the meantime... 

please sign up for the beta + share with your friends! 

m(_ _)m 


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